Brunch Babe is an online women's clothing boutique started by three sisters in June of 2017. Our brand is centered around making a difference in people’s lives, while sharing our passions along the way. Whether that’s building confidence through finding the perfect outfit, inspiring others to follow their dreams, or daring to be different. Brunch Babe stands for much more than just a clothing brand.
We aspire to create something unique, centered around spreading positivity, happiness, and authenticity. A brand where women empower other women. Our goal for Brunch Babe is to reach a variety of ages, and a variety of brunch spots while spreading positive vibes and promoting self-confidence. We strive to make our customers feel like they are part of our family every step of this journey. We could not make this happen without YOU! So thank you for your support, and we hope to not only fill your closet with pretty things, but to make you feel confident too.
Nicole, Taylor and Macy Bell
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